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Activities of climbing Siguniang mountain and three peaks - outdoor activities of Sichuan dargong

Price: 2180

Value: 2180.00

Collaboration ratio: 1:1

Mountain introduction

Siguniang mountain is located at the junction of Xiaojin county and Wenchuan County in Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province, 230 kilometers away from Chengdu. It is composed of four continuous peaks, which are arranged in a line from north to South within 3.5 kilometers. From yaomaiden, ermaiden, sangmaiden to damaiden, its height is 6250 meters, 5355 meters, 5276 meters and 5025 meters respectively, of which yaomaiden mountain is the first peak in Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province. These four peaks are covered with ice and snow for many years, just like four beautiful girls standing on the Milky way of changpinggou and Haizigou. In Siguniang mountain, Yaomei is the slimmest and most handsome. It is far away from Gongga Mountain (7556 meters), the "king of Shu mountain". It is known as "behind Shu mountain" and "Oriental Alps". It has snow all year round, pure and clean ice, thick roots, high peaks, white clouds and floating jade, light and haze. There is a lawn of more than 5000 square meters under the foot of the mountain, with hundreds of flowers on the lawn. It is an ideal place for mountaineering exploration.


Siguniang mountain has three peaks, with an altitude of 5355 meters. It is the lowest altitude peak among the main peaks of Siguniang mountain. The camp is divided into two parts. The altitude of the lower camp is 4235 meters. It belongs to primary snow mountain. The best climbing season is from July to September every year. (suitable for climbers and Beginners)


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Activity content

1. Enjoy the scenery of Siguniang mountain plateau and Tibetan customs;

2. Mountaineering technical training, training items: understanding mountaineering, mountaineering equipment, basic ice and snow technology, knot and practical safety technology;

3. Primary snow mountain climbing experience and close contact with snow mountains;

4. Make mountain friends and feel the passion, pain and happiness of climbing together;

5. Feel the professional mountaineering service, truly realize the snow mountain dream or step into the mountaineering palace from now on!

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Purpose of the activity:


1. Lay the foundation for the future ice and snow mountain climbing and adapt to the plateau.

2. Basic mountaineering skills training;

3. Mountain, snow and rock mixed hiking training.

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Exit a of Baicao Road Station of Chengdu Metro Line 2

D1. Chengdu - Dujiangyan - Wolong - Siguniangshan town starts at 9:30 in the morning

Morning: Chengdu, passing Dujiangyan, Yingxiu and Wolong, drives to Siguniang mountain town at the foot of Siguniang mountain. Arrive at Siguniangshan town at about 2 p.m.

Accommodation: Changming family inn: (standard room, double queen room) 3250 meters above sea level

Breakfast: Chengdu (self care)

Lunch: Wolong (self care)

Dinner: Changming Family Inn (standard room, double bed room), depending on the personnel, fried Changming dishes and rice, four dishes and one soup or six dishes and one soup.

(it's not recommended to take a bath and wash your hair tonight. It's the first time to the plateau to prevent catching a cold!)

D2. Siguniangshan town - Sanfeng base camp of changpinggou Lama Temple BC

At 9:30 a.m., after breakfast, you will enter Haizigou with light clothes. The equipment will be carried by horses and hiked to the base camp. The scenery along the way is dominated by alpine meadows and shrubs. After arriving at the camp, carry out high-altitude adaptation, safety knowledge explanation, etc. The base camp is 4200 meters above sea level.

Accommodation: Camping

Breakfast: changmingjia Inn

Lunch: self provided

Dinner: camp meal, cooked by professional mountain chefs, stewed native chicken with angelica, fried rice, or hot pot. The line is limited to more than three people and less than three people. Because we will not charge extra, we use a small stove to go up the mountain and cook instant meals with eggs and beef. Please understand.

D3. Camp - Top attack - Camp - Siguniangshan town. If you continue camping on the mountain for one night, you need to charge an additional fee of 500 yuan / person.

Get up at 3 a.m. and set off for the summit at 3:30. Generally, the top can be reached in about 7 hours. Those who cannot reach the top before 12 o'clock must withdraw from camp BC and complete the top flushing before dawn. On the way of climbing, you can see the intoxicating sunrise and overlook the scenery of changpinggou. On the summit, you can enjoy the beautiful Siguniang mountain Yaomei peak and the huge hanging glacier from a very close distance. After the completion of roof flushing, carefully withdraw to camp BC, sort out the equipment, withdraw the camp and return to the inn through the base camp.

Accommodation: changmingjia Inn

Breakfast: Camp

Lunch: self provided

Dinner: changmingjia Inn (standard room, double king room)

D4. Girl town - balang mountain - Wolong - Dujiangyan - Chengdu (line 2 of Chengdu Metro Station) this activity is over

Breakfast: changmingjia Inn

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Travel mode: charter, carpool, off-road vehicle or business car

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Difficulty index: 3 stars

Intensity index: 3 stars

Scenery index: 2.5 stars

Experience index: 3 stars

Number of activities: unlimited, single person can also travel, the price remains the same! (more than 3 people can drink chicken soup when carrying atmospheric tanks to build a base camp) dsc01121 JPGDSC01121. JPG

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Equipment requirements:

Warm hat, snow mirror, bib, assault clothes and trousers, warm gloves, fleece, down, snow cover, mountaineering battle, warm underwear, 3 pairs of socks, high top mountaineering shoes, warm water cup, headlights, dry food action meal, rush peak bag and large bag.

Equipment required for mountaineering

1. Clothes

Top: bottomed quick drying clothes + fleece clothes + down clothes + charge clothes

Lower garment: bottomed quick drying pants + Fleece Pants + assault pants

2. OK

High top mountaineering shoes, camp shoes, 2 mountaineering sticks, snow cover, knee protection, snow glasses or sunglasses, waterproof and warm gloves (thick), sun hat, cold hat, quick drying socks (3 pairs), mountaineering bag (60L for men and 45L for women), and portable top punching bag.

3. Camping

Alpine tent, sleeping bag (summer - 10 ℃, winter - 20 ℃), moisture-proof pad (this equipment is provided by Dar Palace)

4. Supplies

Headlamp, headscarf, thermos cup (750-1000 ml), rain shield, lipstick, sunscreen (hp30 or above is recommended)

Personal food: chocolate, beef jerky, American ginseng, chewing gum, energy bar, etc!

Personal drugs: personal habitual drugs and anti-inflammatory drugs. In addition, you can take rhodiola and make tea three days before departure, which can prevent Alpine reaction.

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Public equipment and drugs:

1. Public equipment: walkie talkie, mountain stove (with sheath), gas tank, camp living tent, pot, etc.

2. Public medicine: cotton wool, gauze, bandage, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, Yunnan Baiyao, Dieda medicine and other trauma drugs. Other oral drugs should be prepared by yourself. For fear that many team members are allergic to drugs, so as not to cause unnecessary and serious consequences, it is recommended to prepare by yourself.

Standby oxygen: but charge for using it.


It is recommended to prepare emergency medicine:

Anti inflammatory (cephalosporin third generation); Intestines and stomach (ecliptin, fopaic acid);

Cold (VC Yinqiao, Ganmaoling, Banlangen, YinChai granule, quick acting cold capsule);

Dieda (Yunnan Baiyao, safflower oil, musk tiger bone ointment, band aid);

Emergency (oxygen bottle, Fenbid, headache powder, Jigan tablets, alpine first aid medicine, iodine, gauze, bandage, thermometer).

Liquid: normal saline, glucose, sodium chloride

Please provide other medicines according to your personal situation


Activity cost: 1780 yuan / person

The cost of our team includes

1. Round trip fare from Chengdu to Siguniangshan town

2. Registration management fee of Siguniangshan outdoor Center

3. Accommodation expenses of Siguniang mountain

4. Go up and down the mountain and equip horses for carrying

5. Outdoor ticket fee, environmental resource fee, camp fee, tent, sleeping bag, ground tin and moisture-proof pad

6. Public food (road meals, camp meals), public goods (camp construction, camping equipment)

7. High mountain guide fee and team leader fee

8. Equipment loss Technology

9. Management fee

10. High mountain food expenses and high mountain fuel expenses. Arrange diet according to high-altitude mountaineering standards

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The cost does not include:

1. Individual horse riding (voluntary)

2. Sichuan Mountaineering Association mountaineering registration fee. If you need to handle it, please contact us one week in advance. The registration fee is 230 yuan and the official mountaineering certificate is 150 (we will handle it for you)

3. Accommodation expenses in Chengdu

4. Lunch at all events

5. Expenses incurred by individuals participating in other activities

6. Consumption and rental of personal goods

Note: if you need to ride up and down the mountain, please inform the organizer in advance so that you can contact on your behalf. You can pay for your own riding expenses.

As long as the registration is successful, we will give each team member a professional high-altitude outdoor insurance!!!

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Our appointment contact number:

18980896583 Changming

Our appointment wechat

18980896542 (verification)

Our Sina Weibo: @ Four girls mountain dargong Mountaineering Association

Appointment method

Deposit: 500 yuan / person

(wechat appointment) 18980896542

(Alipay appointment) Alipay: 18980896542 guoxuejian

(registration message: name, activity time, activity type, name, number of people, telephone number.)

(when the deposit arrives, the registration takes effect.)

Gathering place in Chengdu: exit a of Baicao Road Station of Metro Line 2



Please note that if you cancel the activity unilaterally, the deposit will not be refunded, because we have begun to invest in the early preparations for mountaineering; But inform us one week before the event. We can postpone your event for three months. The group fee will not be refunded after Chengdu starts. Please consider it clearly before signing up!

Please also consider whether you are capable of completing the registration for those who are going to participate in the continuous climbing of big, second and third peaks! We have arranged for you to get halfway up and ask you to quit the activity. Let's refund the expenses. We can't afford to hurt. Please consider it clearly and understand us. Thank you for your support to the dargong cooperation team!

Precautions: it is mainly for climbing the top, and the main time is 3-4 days, depending on the physical strength of the team members.

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1. Because the activity is in high altitude areas, with an average altitude of more than 3300-5000 meters, pay attention to the distribution and recovery of physical fitness. If there is any abnormality, please inform us in time, so as to take corresponding measures in time. The minimum temperature in the activity area (night) is about minus 15 degrees. Please choose appropriate sleeping bags and cold proof clothes.

2. Please observe the customs of ethnic minorities when entering ethnic minority areas; Protect the environment, take away the garbage with you, and prohibit the placement of commemorative signs and other items in the activity area; Protect wild animals and plants, and do not kill or destroy them; Take good care of public property. In case of damage, compensate according to the degree of damage

3. Climbing snow capped mountains at high altitude has certain difficulties and risks, and requires high physical, psychological and technical experience of participants. Participants should actively train and reserve their physical strength. Those who are not suitable for vigorous exercise such as heart disease and hypertension cannot participate. If they hide their condition and participate in this activity, they will be at their own risk.

4. Good psychological quality is a panacea to overcome and overcome altitude sickness. Maintaining an open-minded and optimistic mood and establishing strong self-confidence can reduce the physical discomfort caused by altitude sickness. On the contrary, if you are worried and think too much, you will feel nervous at high altitude if you feel a little uncomfortable. On the contrary, it will increase the oxygen consumption of brain tissue, which will aggravate your discomfort and prolong the self-healing time. Because the human body has to adapt to a new environment, it is normal to have a little uncomfortable symptoms.

5. Just entering the plateau, do not overeat, so as not to increase the burden on digestive organs, so that they can well adapt to this environment. We don't allow our team members to drink or smoke too much. If we don't listen to the advice, we will advise them to quit on the spot. Due to the low air humidity on the plateau, the human body is more likely to be dehydrated. We should eat more vegetables and fruits and substances containing vitamins, drink a lot of water and keep a good sleep.

6. When you first arrive at the plateau, you can't walk quickly, let alone run, let alone do physical labor. When walking, you must use your mouth and nose and breathe a lot. It's best to take half a day to have a complete rest. After dinner in the first night, you should rest early and sleep more to replenish your strength, leaving it for climbing the top and walking the next day. We should prevent colds caused by colds. Cold is one of the main causes of acute high altitude pulmonary edema. The plateau temperature difference is very large, so it is easy to catch a cold and catch a cold. At this time, remember that it is better to be hot than cold, and wear more clothes.

7. Commonly used drugs to prevent altitude reaction: Rhodiola, Jigan tablets, glucose, etc. can be taken two days before entering the mountain, and should be taken on the way, which can effectively prevent altitude reaction.

8. The common manifestations of hyperreflexia are headache, palpitation, shortness of breath, anorexia, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension, diarrhea, chest tightness and pain, insomnia, dizziness, numbness, convulsions, etc. The main signs are: accelerated heart rate, deepened breathing, mild abnormal blood pressure, edema of limbs and purple lips. In case of any of the above situations during the trip, please report to our activity collaborators in time.

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"Code of outdoor activities"


1. Have a sense of teamwork, abide by organizational discipline, love and help each other, and listen to the arrangement of the team leader. In case of differences, we can discuss and solve them, but the decision is up to the team leader.

2. Everyone is equal outdoors, and the team members and team leaders understand and tolerate each other. It is strictly prohibited to bring their real identity outdoors in a high-profile manner.

3. Pay attention to safety, obey the arrangement of the team leader, do not leave the team without authorization, and do not leave the team without informing the collaborators. Go out in a group of at least two people and report to the team leader to ensure that the communication tools are unblocked. If the communication tools cannot be used, ensure that the outbound activities are within a certain time range. If they act without authorization and do not follow the advice of our collaborators, our collaborators have the right to dissuade them from going down the mountain and terminate this mountaineering activity for safety.

4. Climbing, wading and other dangerous activities are prohibited without permission.

5. Pay attention to environmental protection and prohibit littering. Domestic waste should be buried and brought back.

6. It is forbidden to use fire in the wild without permission.

7. Pay attention to food hygiene, disease prevention and self-protection.

8. Communicate with the team leader as soon as possible for any difficulties or questions. Due to the special itinerary and destination of outdoor activities, complaints about food, housing and transportation are declined because the traffic location in Siguniang mountain is relatively special,

In case of road interruption and detour, we need to charge a certain traffic fuel fee. Of course, we will try our best to arrange everything for you on the way.

9. Abide by local customs and national beliefs, and respect the national beliefs and living habits of teammates.

10. Outdoor sports are dangerous and unpredictable. Students participating in the activity are fully responsible for their actions and consequences. The team leader shall not be responsible for any consequences arising from the risks inherent in outdoor sports and the dangers on the way back. All participants are deemed to have full capacity for civil conduct. In case of personal injury in the event, the team leader and organizer will not bear the liability for compensation, and the insurance company purchasing outdoor insurance will bear the compensation expenses. For those who sign up for others, the team leader and organizer will not be liable for personal injury to the participants who sign up for others